Ultimate Self-Guided Cycling across Slovenia and Croatia

Discover the diverse landscapes of Slovenia and Croatia on this self-guided biking holiday, from the mountainous Alps to the Adriatic Sea.
13 days / 12 nights
Tour type
Trekking Cycling
Visit the highlights of Alpine Slovenia, like Bled, Kranjska Gora, Vršič Pass, and the Soča Valley
Cycle between Slovenia’s wine-growing hills, on the wind-swept Karst plateau and along the coast, with the romantic town of Piran as its pearl
Discover the picturesque villages of Croatian Istria and the Mediterranean coastal towns like Rovinj and Pula
Enjoy peaceful biking on cycling paths and less busy roads and enjoy our 24/7 support on the way.
The most diverse 13-day cycling holidays, leading you through the Julian Alps and along the Adriatic Sea
Moderate cycling of 40-50 kilometers daily, suitable for most
vrsic pass slovenia scaled 1
Vršič pass
parenzana tunnels 1 1
izola with mountains in the background 1 1
jasna lake 1
panoramic view of the alpine pearl bled
the great soča gorge
relaxing at vršič pass
cycling in rovinj 1
Day 1 - Arrival at Bled

After you arrive at Bled, a member of our team will greet you to give you the rundown of your trip. You will get detailed information about the itinerary, and we will answer any questions you’ll have for us. If you arrive at Bled early and have extra time, you should visit the Bled castle, take a boat ride to the church island, or take a casual stroll around the lake. There is an adventurous week ahead of you, so rest up.


Hotel in Bled


Alpine pearl Bled


Transfer to the airport

bled cream cake
Lake Bled
Lake Bled
Bled Castle
Bled Castle
Lake Bled
Bled Castle
Day 2 - Through the alpine valleys to Kranjska Gora

This first day of cycling will be more of a warm-up since the terrain will be relatively flat. The road from Bled will take you through the idyllic Radovna Valley and past Lake Kreda while slowly descending to Mojstrana. With the constant presence of the highest peaks of the Julian Alps on your left and the Austrian border ridge of the Karawanks on your right, you’ll make your way up the well-maintained cycling path of the Upper Sava Valley to the famous alpine resort of Kranjska Gora.


Hotel in Kranjska Gora


Scenic Radovna alpine valley
Mojstrana village
Cycling in Upper Sava valley on former railway path


36 km (22 mi), 650 vertical meters (2150 feet)

radovna valley with kreda lake
cycling near kranjska gora 1
kranjska gora at sunrise 1
Day 3 - Over the Vršič Pass

After the easy cycling of the first day, you will tackle the steep ascent over the panoramic Vršič Pass in the second. You should stop at the top and check out the awesome mountain peaks surrounding you. Descend down the hairpin turns to the other side, and you’ll reach the Soča Valley, where you’ll be cycling right next to the emerald Soča River. The road will take you past magnificent attractions like the Soča gorges to the alpine town of Bovec. There, surrounded by some of the highest peaks of the Julian Alps, you’ll rest up for the day ahead.


Hotel in Bovec


Lake Jasna
Slovenian highest mountain pass
Spring of Soča River


45 km (28 mi), 1000 vertical meters (3300 feet)

jasna lake 1
vršič pass in slovenia
relaxing at vršič pass
Day 4 - Through the Soča Valley

You’ll continue your way down the valley of the Soča River, cycling on peaceful side roads and macadam trails. At the historical town of Kobarid, you’ll be able to ascend to the idyllic Drežnica village, situated on a small plateau under Mount Krn. If this WW1 battleground was once a scary sight, it’s now a destination one should not miss when around the area. If you arrive at the town of Tolmin early, you can also go check out the beautiful Tolmin Gorges, or just call it a day.


B&B in Tolmin


The beautiful Soča River
Kobarid WWI Muesum
Kozjak Waterfall
The village of Drežnica


40 km (25 mi), 600 vertical meters (2000 feet)

the emerald soča river 2
drežnica village 1
Day 5 - To the wine country

As you continue your journey further down south, you’ll soon enter a warmer Mediterranean climate with a completely different landscape. Soon, the high mountains will be behind you, and you’ll reach the magical wine-growing region of Goriška Brda. The vineyard hills and the cute villages on top will make you feel like you entered another country.


Hotel in Goriška Brda


Lower Soča Valley
Goriška Brda wine region


40 km (25 mi), 700 vertical meters (2300 feet)

pathways in tolmin gorges 1
cycling through vineyards in goriska brda 1
vineyards in goriška brda
Day 6 - The Karst

This day will see you traverse a relatively flat area of Italian Gorizia and then ascend to the Karst plateau with its signature water-carved limestone terrain. There you will cycle your way through picturesque villages of Komen and Štanjel, right to Sežana, a town bordering the coastal area. When going to sleep this day, you will almost hear the sea waves you’ll soon see.


B&B in Sežana


Rustic villages of Komen and Štanjel


60 km (37 mi), 800 vertical meters (2600 feet)

countryside in goriška brda 1
štanjel ferrari garden
Day 7 - The Slovenian coast

For a great start to the seventh day, you can take a quick detour to Lipica and check out the Lipizzaner stud farm. The route will then take you to Socerb, where you’ll get a stunning view of the coast and the route of the day. You’ll then follow the green Rižana river and soon arrive at the sea coast. A well-maintained cycling path will then lead you along the Adriatic seacoast to Piran, a town known for its mesmerizing Venetian architecture and narrow streets, built on top of a long pier.


Hotel in Piran


Osp Valley
Lipica and Lipizzaner horses
Coastal town of Piran


53 km (33 mi), 450 vertical meters (1500 feet)

lipica stud farm 1
izola with mountains in the background 1 1
evening view on piran 1 1
Day 8 - Saltworks & small Istrian villages

Continuing along the coastline will soon bring you to the Sečovlje Saltpans, where you’ll have to see the art of traditional saltwork. Continue up a slight incline and take a last look at the saltpans back below while you cross the border to Croatia. After this, you’ll head inland and cycle your way to the Mediterranean countryside and Istrian villages like Buje, and your final destination of the day, Grožnjan. From this typical village made of stone, you’ll be able to admire a view across the gorgeous valley of the Mirna River and see Motovun, an ancient settlement dating back to the Celt times.


Hotel in Grožnjan


Sečovlje Salt pans
Authentic Istrian villages Buje and Grožnjan


33 km (20,5 mi), 410 vertical meters (1350 feet)

motovun village
Parenzana cycling route
Parenzana cycling route
Parenzana cycling route
Day 9 - Back to the coast

This stretch of the Parenzana route is the hilliest but the most beautiful. It crisscrosses its way between many valleys, but since it’s a former railway, there are some magnificent viaducts or tunnels that make your cycling here easier. This authentic rustic vibe of Istria, complemented by the sense of solitary tranquility, will be a stark contrast to the touristy coast town of Poreč, where you’ll call it a day.


Hotel in Poreč


Old tunnels and viaducts of the Parenzana trail
Poreč coastal town


60 km (37,5 mi), 500 vertical meters (1650 feet)

parenzana tunnels 1 1
former railroad parenzana 1 1
Day 10 - Around the Lim Channel

In the town of Poreč, the Parenzana cycling route ends, but the cycling continues. Your way will lead you along the coast towards Vrsar, where a route that should just follow the coast will be disrupted by a peculiar geographical feature — The Lim channel. This estuary that looks like a Norwegian fjord will make you cycle inland on a panoramic route worth the effort. Soon you will reach the other side and your next destination: Rovinj.




Vrsar coastal town
Lim Channel
Istrian pearl Rovinj


43 km (27 mi), 650 vertical meters (2200 feet)

e bike cycling in rovinj 1 1
lim channel 1 1
Day 11 - Along the Istrian coast

After waking up, strolling around one of the most romantic towns in Croatia should be the first thing on your mind. With Rovinj’s lovely cobblestone streets, the panoramic view from its church top, and the lively marina, it will surely not be a waste of time. After relaxing first half of the day, your way will lead you along the coast to Pula, the largest city on the peninsula. With its history reaching back to the Romans, one can admire sights like the famous Amphitheatre, or the many temples and other historic monuments. It’s the cultural hub of Istria and its most popular tourist destination, perfect as a starting point for exploring the wider area around.


Hotel in Pula


Lively coast between Rovinj and Pula
Historic town of Pula


45 km (28 mi), 350 vertical meters (1200 feet)

cycling in rovinj 1
Day 12 - Exploring the coast around Premantura

The last day of your trip is open for many options of exploring the area surrounding Pula. Explore Kamenjak, the southernmost point in Istria. It’s a peninsula well worth visiting, especially with a bike, because of its many gravel paths leading to beautiful beaches. For a more lively experience, you can also visit the small towns of Premantura and Medulin, with their lively Mediterranean atmosphere, where you can try some of that delicious Croatian seafood. When you’re back in Pula that evening, it will be time to return your bikes, reflect on the journey behind and enjoy your last night of this cycling holiday.


Hotel in Pula


Cape Kamenjak natural reserve


48 km (30 mi), 520 vertical meters (1800 feet)

Cycling on Kamenjak Cape
Cycling on Kamenjak Cape
beach life in pula
pula streets
Cycling on Kamenjak Cape
Day 13 - Departure

It’s been almost two weeks, but it’s now time to say goodbye. Don’t worry, you don’t have to travel back to Slovenia, as we will accommodate you as best we can according to your travel arrangements. Optionally, you can also arrange a transfer to the airport with us.


Self guided

Included in price

Tour design and organization
Booklet with detailed itinerary and route instructions
Service and support during your tour
GPS navigation with an easy-to-use app
Accommodation as per itinerary
Luggage transfer between transit stages

Optional Extras

Return transfer from the airport
Single supplement

Are you a fan of cycling? Do you want to visit both Slovenia and Croatia? Then you’re in luck since you found the perfect adventure! There is no better way to discover both Alpine Slovenia and the Mediterranean coast of Croatian Istria than on this ultimate cycling holiday.

The number of landscapes you’ll be cycling through on this holiday is astounding. Slovenia alone is one of the most diverse countries in Europe. Combine it with the northern Croatian coastline, and you get a trip you can hardly imagine being possible. With the magnificent landscapes, rich culture, and authentic food; You will discover the best of this region on your way from the mountains to the sea. 

There will be plenty of opportunities for sightseeing along the way, even the chance to go swimming in the crystal clear Adriatic sea in the second part of the trip.

Your journey will begin in the Alpine pearl of Lake Bled, from where you’ll hop on your bikes and start exploring the mountain paradise that is the Julian Alps. After exploring the glacial valleys and crossing the Vršič mountain pass, you’ll start descending to the Soča Valley and soon feel the call of the Mediterranean. With each turn of the wheel, the climate will get warmer, and your eyes will start catching more and more glimpses of the Adriatic Sea. After cycling through the lovely villages of the wind-swept Karst plateau, the sea breeze will touch your skin. 

From there, you’ll be following the tunnels and bridges of the famous Parenzana cycling path, a former railway route; Sometimes cycling along the coastline, other times cycling between the wine hills of Istria. Your path will lead you over the border to Croatia, to a Mediterranean environment, and a contrasting sight to the mountains that were surrounding you just a few days before. The next few days of cycling will be right along the coast of the Istrian Peninsula, feasting your eyes on its crystal clear waters and exploring the soulful towns like Rovinj and Pula. These last few days, the water will probably look so inviting that you should definitely pack some swimming gear and take a swim in the refreshing sea.

This is a self-guided holiday made for those who like that extra bit of freedom and autonomy on their holidays. We provide you with the itinerary, maps, and other information needed. But in the end, you’re the one using it to navigate yourself through this adventure. While that means there is no guide there with you, you will have 24/7 assistance from us, ready to help you in any emergency that arises. The daily stages are never too challenging, but you have to take into account that this is a long tour, so a certain level of fitness is required.

If you don’t have all 13 days it takes to complete this tour, we have a solution for you. We divided this long cycling holiday into two shorter ones. In one, you’ll get to cycle from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea. During the other, you’ll hop on the bike to explore the Adriatic coast. Both of them are only 7 days long, so check them out if time is your limitation.

Take a look at the itinerary we have prepared for you, and check out everything that could await you if you decide to book this ultimate self-guided cycling journey across Slovenia and Croatia with us.


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If you are a solo cyclist who wants to spend a fun holiday cycling in and around Slovenia, look no further. We’re going to find you a group of up to 8 like-minded biking enthusiasts and take care of all the other tour details. The cycling tour will be led by our guide, who’ll make sure everything runs smoothly, so you’re able to enjoy as much cycling as possible.

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The private guided bike tour in Slovenia is for those who want to enjoy their cycling holidays at their own pace, enjoying the flexibility of a small private group and not stressing about the details of everyday planning. The guide will be fully at your disposal to make this experience as personalized as possible, maximizing the enjoyment during and after the tour.


Those who like a good adventure and limitless flexibility should go on a self-guided cycling holiday in Slovenia. We prepare the itinerary and book your accommodations; You enjoy the journey without our guide, being fully in charge of all the daily decisions. While you’ll have the full support of our team in case of any emergencies or concerns, a certain level of self-reliance is required.

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Our professional cycling guides know the local terrain and are trained to make this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity both safe and enjoyable.


We handle itineraries, accommodations, and anything else you prefer not to deal with, so you can enjoy a carefree holiday.

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Flexibility is our middle name — whether you want more or less, or just beyond ordinary, we’ll make it happen.

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