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Cycling holidays in Slovenia are the best way to explore this diverse country, from exciting downhill adventures and road cycling tours to Slovenia E-bike tours.

Hey, my name is Klemen and I am the manager of Slovenia Cycling Holidays.

Cycling is one of my favourite ways to discover the world. In my teenage years, the bicycle represented freedom for me. Almost every corner of my small home country of Slovenia was reachable on it.

I liked the independence it gave me then, and I still like it now. I appreciate even more that a bike is one of the best ways to combine a sports activity with nature. Because of the desire to be active in the beautiful Slovenian nature, I soon started taking turns from the road and onto the trails of hilly Slovenia.

And it wasn’t just that. My relationship with cycling has always been diverse — from road cycling and trekking to mountain biking. Each one has its own unique aspects and advantages, so I never stick to one for too long. I immensely enjoyed any type of biking opportunity that opened up for me.

Views from Zajamniki

My experiences started piling up, and there was little I did not know about the world of cycling in Slovenia. Soon, people started reaching out to me. Help them plan their cycling tour on some roads they did not know, or join them huffing and puffing up a mountain trail so they wouldn’t get lost.

And I loved every second of it. That’s why I started Slovenia Cycling Holidays — to share this passion of mine with you.

A country with endless opportunities for Cycling Holidays

Every time I set off cycling in Slovenia, one fact always makes a big impression on me. Slovenia’s diversity is just unmatchable. The amount of different landscapes that roll in front of your eyes while behind the bike handle is astounding.

And besides this beautiful nature, Slovenia also has a dense network of local roads. Most have light traffic, while nature is interspersed with trails, gravel tracks, and cycling paths. This makes it an ideal place for cycling, whether for exploring its diverse landscapes, taking on challenging road climbs up mountain passes, or zooming down exciting single trails. Slovenia really is a haven for all kinds of bikers.

The small size of Slovenia allows us to cycle around most of it and see its top attractions. In a matter of days, you can pedal from the completely Alpine environment down south to the Mediterranean climate and the Adriatic sea. If you combine that with good food and nice people, you have yourself an unforgettable cycling experience.

Mountain biking trails on Golovec hill in Ljubljana

In my many hours of cycling, I have discovered some of the best trails and roads at some of the best destinations in and around the country. With the help of my passionate team (also avid cyclists and bike enthusiasts), we designed some of the best Slovenian cycling tours from all the options available.

You are free to browse between the prepared holidays with the assurance that you are looking at our favourite bike tours in Slovenia.

A passionate team of cycling enthusiasts

I gathered a team full of avid cyclists who know Slovenia and its trails like the back of their hands and are continuously expanding their knowledge in the ever-changing world of biking. 

We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and passion with every client joining us in Slovenia. Our mission is to introduce the world to the beauty and diversity of Slovenia — both to those who already love cycling and those who have just started cycling.

Kofce with electric mountain bikes are easily accesible

When joining one of our guided cycling holidays, our professional guide will accompany you, lending you all the knowledge and experience he has to make the holiday as enjoyable as possible. When on a self-guided cycling tour, our expert will prepare in-depth information about your upcoming holiday and provide you 24/7 support along the way.

Unforgettable adventures for a bargain price

During my years of cycling, I have met many people who now help me make Slovenia Cycling Holidays as enjoyable as possible. Our team is full of passionate locals trying to bring the best cycling experiences in Slovenia to you at an affordable price.

Our work is done without middlemen, directly with local suppliers, which means all of our cycling holidays come at a price that’s hard to beat. No hidden fees, you get exactly what you paid for. And don’t worry, we’re a financially protected company, so book your holiday now, and let us worry about everything else.

For an unforgettable week in the most scenic landscapes, join us on a cycling holiday in Slovenia. You won’t regret it.

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